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I help companies to build the success of their brand, working from a new and different point of view, not driven by creativity but by strategy.

the brand consultant does not work as an advertising agency. It does not limit itself to performing a tactic, but it has as its objective the company result, the achievement of the company's expectations. Thath's why he works strategically before than tactically. Perform a check up of your business, processes, systems. Listen to the opinion of customers and suppliers and, therefore, best interpret your aspirations as an entrepreneur using the best strategy to achieve the target.



Successful companies
have a brand strategy.
Do you have one?
You should think about it.

If you are reading these lines, you probably do not have a defined brand strategy and you don't use a consultant who works in team with your employees to improve the perception of your brand towards customers.

You've probably done "advertising" in the past and you did not get back what you expected: an increase in sales or a visible result. In fact, the systems that allow a company to obtain tangible results pass through other ways.

It is a matter of reasoning analytically and strategically before engaging in actual communication.

Large companies operate through a STRATEGIC PLAN before executing a creative strategy. What does it mean? It means that you should consider and plan your moves before tactically implementing an advertising campaign, coordinate and direct your economic efforts in a linear and non-dispersive way, optimizing your spending and increasing the reputation of your brand.


I deal with BRAND IMAGE.

Many companies have the desire and the need for customers to perceive positive values ​​and competitive "plus" that often remain unexpressed. Many people lack a manager who can work alongside them to improve these fundamental aspects and "train" their employees and collaborators to express these values ​​at all stages of the company, both internal and external.





Performance overview



· Business models and market strategies

· Future concepts

· Business concepts

· Support in the visualization and presentation of the concept

· Support for internal and external communication


· Conception of ideas with preliminary economic evaluation

· Design of products and services

· Lead design concepts for the product

· Support in the visualization and presentation of the concept

· Support for product communication and promotion

Brand name

· Positioning concept

· Brand concept

· Lead design concepts for the visual organization of the brand

· Lead communication concepts for integrated communication

· Support in the visualization and presentation of the concept.

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My background comes from years dedicated to the management and planning of advertising campaigns, from some experiences in the editorial field and in the press offices. My skills are based on the bond I can establish with the client and the sense of trust that I give back to those who dialogue with me.


I will help you develop, design and make your brand recognizable. I will give a strategy to your business, services or products. My main office is in Sardinia, but I work easily between Rome and Milan, thanks to a network of collaborators and professionals that I have been able to consolidate over time.


Tel. +39 3397891564

Skype: aeiobranding


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