Times change and consumption habits change just as quickly. This is why it is fundamental for companies to understand where, when and how to spend their resources, which are increasingly precious and limited.

In the past, the role of communication assistance was carried out by advertising agencies, as companies had to turn to large numbers of people, in order to reach - among them - the individuals who actually interested in their business. This implied a great financial effort in resources often useless.

In the new "social" economy, consumers are less trusting in corporate messages transmitted through the media channels to which they are paying less attention. Today, consumers spend their time in a variety of social networks or groups online communities with like-minded people. And it is these people who look when they look for information on products and services.

In the past, branding and advertising were used as marketing elements. Today, marketing and advertising are now part of the branding and it is the brand's consultant that you must look at if you want to build a successful brand.

While branding is strategy, advertising is tactics. The most strategic actions that can be obtained from an advertising agency will be short-term. The brand consultant develops a brand or brand plan that will guide the brand strategy, both internally and externally. This holistic approach will address all the key elements of the brand from the communication used in advertising in the customer contact and in the point of sale department.

As a brand consultant I will work with you to determine the best resources to use to get the perfect system for the company.

The brand consultant will perform a review of your company, industry, processes, systems.

Solutions can require advertising, but also seek to improve R & D, sales, production, supply chain, operations, customer relationships and retention strategies.

If you think about working with an advertising agency, your strategy will probably be put in the hands of a creative director and his team.

Branding is a strategic institutional initiative, not a marketing initiative and therefore must have the power of executive management, the brand consultant will work in the development of the brand to bring back your brand strategy where it should be, in the hands of the executive management , will seek to collect and exploit specific data to develop targeted communications through digital channels.

I will be vigilant about your brand activities and use that knowledge to give strenght and a competitive advantage to your business.

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My background comes from years dedicated to the management and planning of advertising campaigns, from some experiences in the editorial field and in the press offices. My skills are based on the bond I can establish with the client and the sense of trust that I give back to those who dialogue with me.


I will help you develop, design and make your brand recognizable. I will give a strategy to your business, services or products. My main office is in Sardinia, but I work easily between Rome and Milan, thanks to a network of collaborators and professionals that I have been able to consolidate over time.


Tel. +39 3397891564

Skype: aeiobranding


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