Designing a logo and designing a brand is not a simple graphic exercise

The brand logo must represent the company, it must be declinable, it must communicate value

The work of designing the logo is a phase that follows a serious evaluation of the company, its mission and values.

Design a brand first, then design a logo that can adequately support the necessary communication.

Pay attention to how you plan to develop this phase. You will not need a simple graphic that draws what makes you most enjoy associating with your company.

Try talking to successful entrepreneurs and you will find that, most, they have underestimated this choice and lost so much money and possibilities.

The logo is the fundamental element of the activity and needs a serious and effective study both in the implications of design and in the psychological references.

Entrusting yourself to a brand manager is undoubtedly the best solution

Take the first step by contacting me for a chat. The rest will be easy.

Logo AEIO agenzia pubblicitaria


My background comes from years dedicated to the management and planning of advertising campaigns, from some experiences in the editorial field and in the press offices. My skills are based on the bond I can establish with the client and the sense of trust that I give back to those who dialogue with me.


I will help you develop, design and make your brand recognizable. I will give a strategy to your business, services or products. My main office is in Sardinia, but I work easily between Rome and Milan, thanks to a network of collaborators and professionals that I have been able to consolidate over time.


Tel. +39 3397891564

Skype: aeiobranding


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