Design, shape and graphics in packaging strategies

The container communicates the content.

The role of packaging is very important, packaging is in fact the first physical contact with the customer.

The opening system has become an opportunity to retain the consumer and consolidate the perception of the brand.

Be careful though, it can become a double-edged sword if it is not managed with due care.

The perfect packaging must have specific characteristics.

What I recommend is therefore to study different packaging solutions that minimize volumes.

This will allow you first of all to save but also to improve the reputation of the brand that will become eco-friendly.

Designing and structuring an adequate packaging strategy means anticipating, calculating and amortizing all the dynamics related to the warehouse, the transport to storage and in-store sales of the product. You therefore need not only a good graphic design, but also a strategist able to foresee and refine all the possible variations in the life of the product.

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My background comes from years dedicated to the management and planning of advertising campaigns, from some experiences in the editorial field and in the press offices. My skills are based on the bond I can establish with the client and the sense of trust that I give back to those who dialogue with me.


I will help you develop, design and make your brand recognizable. I will give a strategy to your business, services or products. My main office is in Sardinia, but I work easily between Rome and Milan, thanks to a network of collaborators and professionals that I have been able to consolidate over time.


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