We had it close and we did not know it. There are many common friendships that bind us, apart from the interests and the work relationship, and despite this we have never met. We entrusted him with the task of bringing our business to the field of "digital" and giving it a more local value beyond the international value of our Santoni brand. In all this he is guiding us with the maximum availability and professionalism.

MARCELLA XAXA | santoni boutique cagliari

Aurelio proved to be a real surprise. We had never entrusted anyone with the task of advising and guiding us in affirming our activity and promoting the brand. He convinced us and followed us with uncommon commitment and passion, without ever prevailing our thinking, indeed, following our requests. The results have arrived quickly and continue to constantly increase our reputation in the market, further qualifying what we do and simplifying our relationships with customers and suppliers.


ANDREA GATTI | eti fratelli gatti

We needed a website for our new boutique. We needed someone with experience both in corporate communication and in the development of content and images. We met Aurelio because he was reported by other high-level professionals and we were satisfied with it. His approach was very precise and attentive to our needs. The times and the budget have been respected, so much so that - after a year - we decided to recall it to modernize the web presentations and start our journey with the online store. After some time I can say that we have the utmost trust and respect for your precious collaboration.


VIRGINIA GRAUSO | mimamai boutique


A real guide. A friend always available to explain any unclear aspect of the communication activity. Everything with him has a reason and nothing is left to chance. Initially we thought we had to foresee large expenses to achieve our goals. On the contrary, Aurelio has guided us strategically - as he says - to face every aspect of digital communication step by step: from the site to social networks to campaigns through the Internet. The results have arrived as promised. A warranty!


ELISABETTA MONNI | wonderful chia


I've known Aurelio for some time, but only recently have I understood his attitude and professional ability. Very humble and concrete, he proved to be sensitive and available even beyond his professional obligations. The aspect I like most about him is the ability to listen to and deal with different aspects of communication, as well as an innate spirit of curiosity that never lets him abandon an ongoing project, but pushes him to improve the expected results beyond expectations . Amazing!


NICOLA GRAUSO | man suites cagliari


We followed the advice of a friend who indicated Aurelio Pisano as a valid professional. Knowing it closely we can say that we have fully achieved the choice. Punctual, precise, intuitive and with a characteristic that, among his colleagues, stands out above all: humility and the ability to listen to our ideas.

NICOLA ARENA E ALESSANDRO CALVINO | arena e calvino studio odontoiatrico

For me Aurelio is a true free spirit. I know him and I appreciate it for some time also for his ability to listen and collaborate. Always available and precise, it has always been a guide and a point of reference for me and my company. It has a concreteness and a sensitivity that I consider fundamental for those who must communicate something. He knows how to choose his employees carefully and never creates problems or discussions, but on the contrary he always has the right answer to solve any kind of problem, even in an emergency.


LUCINA CELLINO | hotel villa fanny


A reliable person. It has the typical character of the Sardinians, but also a spirit of innovation that is uncommon. We have known each other for several years and - every time - we turn to him even for advice or advice. We never felt abandoned or left us without answers or advice. With him we have developed various investment plans with community funds and - in this - has shown great capacity also as an organizer and planner.


ANTONIO VACCA | salumificio su sirboni


Serious, professional and helpful. Maybe because Cagliari fan has given all its contribution and demonstrated flexibility for our needs to be reasonably satisfied. It does not stop in front of the obstacles, but it confronts them with spirit and passion. We like its strategic approach.




We have had a long time open speech. We work together on projects and ideas, supporting ourselves in view of collaborations on common customers. We have the same spirit of initiative and the joke ready. This is why I decided to also entrust my personal image to make that leap in quality that he has already - in part - foreshadowed.


LEONILDO CONTIS | cioccolatiere


Logo AEIO agenzia pubblicitaria


My background comes from years dedicated to the management and planning of advertising campaigns, from some experiences in the editorial field and in the press offices. My skills are based on the bond I can establish with the client and the sense of trust that I give back to those who dialogue with me.


I will help you develop, design and make your brand recognizable. I will give a strategy to your business, services or products. My main office is in Sardinia, but I work easily between Rome and Milan, thanks to a network of collaborators and professionals that I have been able to consolidate over time.


Tel. +39 3397891564

Skype: aeiobranding


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